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Annariel's Fiction, Graphics and Recs
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Fanfiction, graphics and recs by louisedennis
This is louisedennis's fanfiction, graphics and recs journal. I can also be found at purplecat on DreamWidth and this journal is a partial mirror of annariel_dw over there. I am also annariel on AO3.

I'm a Computer Scientist but I'm also fairly active in fandom, particularly Primeval and Doctor Who fandom.

I use this community for more creative stuff (writing, recs and graphics) while book and tv reviews, academic and personal stuff happens at louisedennis. The division is, of course, arbitrary and is based on the assumption that while most of my friends are quite interested in talking about the latest episode of Doctor Who, they are less interested in reading fanfic or looking at icons.

Transformative Works: I can't imagine being anything but flattered should someone want to take some of my work and remix it, podfic it, create graphics for it or any other transformative work and would be delighted to hear about it (either before or after) - I mean, unless you are using it for Nazi propaganda or something equally offensive. The only caveat would be if you are taking some of my original fiction and trying to make some kind of profit from the transformative work in which case I would definitely like to be consulted beforehand.

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